Science Olympiad Invitationals

Hunter Milldrum, Technology Manager

On Saturday, January 25, UC Davis hosted the 2020 Science Olympiad Invitationals.

The Del Campo team went in with confidence and unavoidable stress. “I was stressed and hoping that I would miraculously understand everything for the tests,” said the co-captain, Valerie Aring.

During the competition, some students competed in events they didn’t even study for. “Science Olympiad came into the Aggie invitational ready to see how far they’ve come and how far they still need to go before regional competitions. We sadly had some students who couldn’t make it, but this gave us the opportunity for students to be able to jump in and try new events” explained the Team Adviser, Dorthee Covey.

Even if they did study, some people didn’t study enough. “I did my best and noticed how much I didn’t know,” confessed Valerie Aring.

The teams fought hard and gave it their all to where it paid off. The highest placing that DC received was 7th of approximately 45 schools in the gravity vehicle event performed by Hunter Milldrum and Ben Aring Congratulations guys!

The Del Campo Science Olympiad Team

Top Row l to r: Ms. Jordan, Valerie Aring, Sydney Strange, Isabella Castro, Jaelee Berry, Alana Dean, Mrs. Covey

Bottom Row l to r: Gavin Felkey, Ben Aring, Erika Booth, Hunter Milldrum, Tom Connell