Freedom to decline speech

Riley Hickethier, Opinion Editor and Photography Editor

When students opened the magazines, they were assaulted by extremely graphic images of aborted babies at different stages of development. The content inside was also heavily religious.

Everyone has the right to have their own opinion and beliefs, but we have the right to disagree and not have that opinion forced upon us when going to school in the morning. How would you feel if your teen received that magazine? Would you want your kid to see those images and read the biased, accusatory, and shaming comments written throughout the magazine.

This group used a very manipulative technique by not revealing the content of the magazine in order to make students more curious to look inside.

The flyers did not feature graphic imaging but were also very religious and sexist. One side of the flyer was pointed at boys saying things about pornography, videos games and how those things are shameful and makes them bad. The other side of the flyer was pointed at girls saying things about how girls should be proper and mature was very misogynistic.

This incident was unfortunate and very upsetting to students and staff alike. Nothing could have been done to stop this because these students were not technically on school grounds and they do have freedom of speech.

However, boundary lines around schools are  something we can strive to change. The boundaries of how close people can protest or speak freely about topics outside our school should be pushed back farther away from the school grounds. Doing this would make our school safer and make students and staff alike more comfortable. Doing this would help stop upsetting and disturbing incidents like this from happening again.