Del Campo goes hybrid

What do students think?


Mrs. Pfarr teaches a socially distant Freshmen Research Expo class during third period.

Elijah Smith (photo by Sarah Mesloub)
Laura Trejo (photo by Sarah Mesloub)

On March 16th, the San Juan Unified School District announced that their high schools would move to a hybrid schedule starting the week before spring break. While many students decided to stay home and continue learning full time over Zoom, others have returned to school twice a week. Which two days they are on campus depends on the cohort to which they are assigned. 

The hybrid schedule is definitely something new and different for both students and teachers. Being on campus isn’t quite the same as it used to be.

Now, all desks in classrooms are spread out so students are at least three feet apart at all times. Teachers are only allowing students to sit in certain desks to keep that distance. Each classroom has hand sanitizer for students to use when entering and leaving the room. Additionally, teachers use a district approved spray to clean desks, and other surfaces, between classes. Probably one of the most difficult adjustments for everyone to make is wearing masks in the correct way, covering the mouth and nose. If a student receives too many warnings about not wearing their mask correctly then consequences will occur. 

Just as Del Campo students returned to school, the  DC Roar asked them some questions about how they feel about this hybrid approach. Below are their responses. We will publish updates on their hybrid experiences throughout the remainder of the year 

What is your opinion about the return to school just before spring break?

Shylin Syrock, Junior: 

I’m personally happy that we are going back. It’s harder to ask people for stuff or just have a simple conversation so hopefully I can talk to people again like normally once we start going back to school. 

Amazin Dunham, Freshman:

I love that they decided to send kids back to school because there are some that are either too distracted or lost during online school that they fell behind. Having kids at school allows us to get a feel on how school works before our sophomore year.

Laura Trejo, Senior: 

Initially when I heard about the final announcement on returning to school I was adamant about not going back, but after thinking about it for some time. I realized it would be in my best choice to go back.

Elijah Smith, Senior: 

I am not necessarily ready to be going back to school but as a senior I am a little excited to be in person for the last couple of months of my senior year. 

Will you be returning hybrid or remaining at home on Zoom, why or why not?

Amazin Dunham:

Frankly I wish I had been able to go back to school but wasn’t able to because of my parents decision.

Elijah Smith:

I will be returning hybrid so that I can see some friends I have not been able to see this year…as well as getting that in person class experience.

What is something that Del Campo High School could change, create, or do better so that the students can make the most of their high school experience in this hybrid model, or for future years?

Ryan Snow, Junior:

If the school would acknowledge it might not be the safest decision to go back, and the school is honest about the fact they have no idea what they’re doing and they’re just winging it, it would make my present a lot better. 

Laura Trejo:

Making sure the school is safe during these COVID times to keep everyone safe.

Elijah Smith:

Del Campo could add more programs to diversify the campus as well as adding safety precautions to make sure the campus is safe for it’s students and teachers.

Did online learning impact your schooling positively or negatively?

Laura Trejo:

For me personally it influenced my school work and overall schooling negatively because it was hard to maintain motivation at home.

Elijah Smith: 

It impacted it negatively because students have gotten used to being at home and now they have to transition into being back into the classroom and focus 100% in their classes.