Play ball, stay safe

Welcome back to the game, athletes!


Ian Helton

Freshman Water Polo player, Brendan Helton shows off his “Quarenteam” sweatshirt and the newest DC accessory…a cool mask!

Ian Helton, Staff Writer

High school sports are back with games, practices, and all of the excitement!  COVID-19 caused a shutdown for high school sports, however they are slowly opening back up with safety guidelines and protocols. The guidelines and protocols are all meant to create as much safety as possible and allow high school athletes to compete.

High school sports have been greatly modified due to COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the State of California, have put out many safety guidelines for youth sports programs to follow. Some of the guidelines include mandatory face masks, covering the nose and mouth, as well as mandatory social distancing when not in game play. 

Del Campo is adhering to these guidelines. Some of the precautions include daily temperature checks, and limited amounts of shared equipment is highly recommended in the CDC’s guidelines. Attendance of fans is also greatly affected. Each player is able to have up to four people attend their games, however the fans must be from the player’s household. In addition, contact sports are required to have weekly COVID-19 testing. All of these safety precautions help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and allow athletes to enjoy playing their sports.

Del Campo High School Water Polo player, Brendan Helton, said, “I feel safe at water polo practice.” Brendan Helton has been playing water polo and feels like the guidelines and protocols create a safe environment.

Governor Newsom, announced the good news about opening youth sports during a COVID-19 briefing on February, 27th 2021. He stated, “We are now confident with new guidelines we’re publishing today that we could get youth sports moving again in the state of California, get competition moving again in the state of California with, as always, caveats.’” 

Today, Del Campo, and high schools around the country are back in the game! Have fun and stay safe, athletes!  For more information on how the CIF is handling safety guidelines, visit this link: