KHK golf tournament above par, despite pandemic

College Bound Classic Golf Tournament raises over $10,000 for students


Serrano Country Club, Eldorado Hills, California

Jared Lazar, Section Editor

A small infectious disease didn’t stop people from swinging golf clubs or driving carts on the green. It sure never hindered children’s desire for aid and support of their journey through college. A special event held on May 3rd was successful in allocating large sums of money to kids who are in need of financial aid for basic college supplies. The magic of it? First, it allowed many kids to purchase the necessary dorm supplies for college. Second, the event was put on entirely by high school students.

Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, Kids Helping Kids,  a nonprofit organization based out of Del Campo High school, still managed to put on one of its largest fundraisers to raise money for college-bound students in need. The College Bound Classic Golf Tournament was held on May 3rd at the Serrano Country Club in El Dorado Hills.

A supporter of Kids Helping Kids tees off at the College Bound Classic golf tournament. Players enjoyed their time on the course by playing games and mingling with friends. The purchasing of tickets and games at the tournament made up the majority of the funds which will go directly to at-risk youth. Photo by Brian Laeber.

Golfers bought games and played on the beautiful course, those wanting to simply play in the tournament bought tickets, and there were gift baskets to bid on during the tournament. The total raised this year was over $10,000. Students who benefit from this fundraiser receive a  $300 Target shopping spree to help them get necessities for college. 

Chief Operations Officer Emma Tetlow says, “Overall we have been holding the value of communication with everyone involved in the process in order to make this event run smoothly. To hold our standard of communication, Zoom has been our best friend.” 

Maddy Lazar, Director of Event Services says, “We are responsible for the silent auction at the event and creating new ways to generate revenue.

Abbey Templeton, a member of Kids Helping Kids, sets up an auction booth where golfers and supporters of the event may bid on baskets filled with prizes. Almost $2,000 in revenue was made from the baskets alone on the day of the College Bound Classic event. Photo by Brian Laeber.

We also help Productions with pieces for advertising. It is harder to get donations because of a communication barrier with COVID and response times are slower. You have to adapt to the new ways and practice staying communicative.”

“I think it’s important that we have this event because we haven’t had an in-person event yet this year”, says Kids Helping Kids member, Maclainey Wade. “I think having the community and businesses take part in our cause is super beneficial in helping at-risk youth go to college, especially through the uncertain times that we are still going through.” 

This past year has been a struggle for many organizations but Kids Helping Kids has managed to keep its strength.

Their goal is to aid children who are underserved or less fortunate. This ranges from tutoring kids at local elementary schools to organizing fundraisers for kids battling cancer. They continue to make an impact around their school, their local community, and around the world with other projects they have been working on.