Don’t stash your trash!


Swing and a miss. The litter problem on campus seems to have increased in the last few weeks. Photo by Grace Underwood.

Grace Underwood, Editor-in-chief

Del Campo was recently able to upgrade the science and computer buildings. These new buildings bring a clean and modern look to the campus and have brought a variety of opportunities for students to use new tools and learn in new classrooms. However, the trash that is left around campus detracts from the beauty of these new buildings and the school in general.

Day in and day out, trash is strewn about the campus. It is stuffed into bushes and other plant life, left on the ground and in the hallways, and can even be found mere feet away from a trash can. This litter causes problems. It attracts seagulls who have been spotted snacking on food and trash that has been left out. It also provides more work for custodians who are already very busy.

Vice Principal Uhler stated, “A month ago I was very impressed by students cleaning up after themselves and the improvement of the trash situation around the campus. I’d have to say in the last two to three weeks I have seen an increase in garbage, and a decline in students cleaning up after themselves.” He continued, “I just think that there is a lack of either understanding or a lack of concern. I don’t know if it’s an overt lack of respect.”

Bitter Litter. Garbage shoved in bushes outside of classrooms. Photo by Grace Underwood.

After spending a year and a half stuck inside during quarantine, it is nice to be back on campus. Let us show some appreciation for being back in person by not littering. It is the job of each student to contribute to keeping Del Campo clean. Please set an example by throwing trash in one of the many garbage cans provided. Don’t leave it on the table where you eat lunch, and certainly do not stash it in the bushes or drop it next to a garbage can!

Note: The garbage in the photos was disposed of after the picture was taken.