The Ocean’s Friends

Kira Clark, Staff Writer


The Ocean’s Friends

The ocean that could shine in the darkest of night’s 

In the brightest of days,

The ocean that gave the sense of relief when looking at it 

When it glistened as the sun kisses it goodnight,

The moon will take the sun’s place and hug the water so it wasn’t alone.

The beach that was always by the oceans side never leaving,

Saying that it will play with the water by hiding treasures 

The ocean will never find the treasures but then again it loved surprises,


The wind that makes life feel at home

Helping the ocean guide its way to shore to meet the beach saying 

‘Don’t get lost or you may get lonely’,

The feeling of the ocean breeze as it sang a song that only seagulls can hear,

That seals can hear, that the wind can carry.


The ocean that shined like sapphires and emeralds when looking at the way it crashes

against the rocks,

calming as the sand of the beach is beneath the feet,

the glass that was cut by the ocean to see into the soul of the sea.


The ocean that carried shells that whisper secrets of the beach,

Ranging tides and beloved caves scream as the wind gets angry,

Songs that can be heard throughout the ocean like a concert on a Sunday night,

Sunsets that could paint a portrait of the past, present, and future.