Surviving Finals 101


Sophia Steenburg, Editor

The DC Roar staff gathered some information to help students prepare for upcoming finals. Remember, finals take place on June 6th and 7th. Tuesday is the last day of school. You’ve got this, Cougars!

Make sure to take advantage of the tutoring sessions offered on campus
  2. Ask your teachers questions that you need clarification on and utilize the before and after school studying times
  3. Look into study groups with your peers from different classes
  4. Set aside time for yourself to study in an organized area with little to no distractions (good places to study can be the library, a quiet park, a quiet area in your house, etc.)
  5. Write out a list of all of the work that needs to be done (use a planner, notepad, or online program)
  6. Break up large assignments into smaller tasks
  7. Make sure to prioritize what you need to study based on your current knowledge and the time of your test (study for Wednesday’s exams before beginning to study for Thursdays)
  8. Reward yourself and take breaks when necessary
  9. Try and get in 8-10 hours of sleep each night
  10. Stay hydrated while studying
  11. Stay on top of all of your work (this will give you more time to study what you really need and lower stress levels)
  12. Figure out ways to manage your stress (ex. baking, doing self-care, reading, coloring, etc.)
Extra Tips:
  • The Pomodoro Method is an easy way to study (25-minute intervals of studying with a five-minute break after each one)
  • is a website that allows you to study with your favorite celebrities, in exotic places, and even in fictional places like Hogwarts!
  • Notion is an online website that can help with all of your organizational needs. You are able to create a planner, lists, and many more things that will help with your organization.
  • Studying can be even more fun with the right playlist! Find or create a playlist with relaxing instrumental music. YouTube has many playlists made by different creators and there are more specific playlists on Spotify.
  • Forest is a chrome extension that allows you to block distracting websites. As you work, you can watch the plant of your choice grow. The timer is adjustable.
  • Breathing exercises and meditation are perfect to calm you down and relax before and after doing work.