Game content leaked to Twitter


Devin Wafer , Staff Writer

On March 20th, a developer at the game company Respawn leaked all of the company’s upcoming work for the next two years. This person shared the information on Twitter. He leaked the new Apex heirloom event, a new map, the next eight Apex legends, new arena maps, new skins, and other heirloom but not the event

The person’s identity is unknown but is believed to be a man. Nobody knows how the leak happened but the information about the game was posted on the Twitter account @Strutgal. People have leaked information about Apex to this account before, but this is the biggest one yet. The leaked Apex information was also reposted on Tik Tok.

Apex legends is a very popular 60-player battle Royale game. You have a squad of three people and you can play with two other friends. You drop out of the dropship find guns and fight until you are the only squad left standing.  The platforms you could play on are PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. The game will be adding mobile later this year or early 2023. People like the game because it is free and the developers always come with good updates to keep the game good as well as the community itself Apex does have a good community. The game has a shop where players can buy skins for  weapons or characters. Every character has a different ability so it makes them unique.

For a game as big as Apex Legends things like this ruin the excitement for the people that love this game. Developers put time into creating content to surprise people. When the information is leaked it is unfair to the content developers and to the over 10 million daily players for this game.