Sports-A-Rama returns!

Noel Hannan, Editor

Del Campo’s sophomore class at Sports-A-Rama on April 8th, 2022. The class of 2024 is seen wearing a shirt related to their assigned theme, High School Musical. The Wildcats flag is related to the movie and was part of the skit they performed.
Sports-A-Rama on April 8th, 2022. Classes are sitting in lines to perform PE warm-ups, as part of the event. Cheering them on are students, parents, and staff of Del Campo. Photo by Hudson Williams

After a two-year delay due to COVID, Del Campo High School’s Sports-A-Rama made a much-anticipated return to the big gym on April 8th, 2022. This event has a special place in the history of the school. This was the fifty-fifth year students have participated in this competition. It would have been the school’s fifty-seventh year, but the two-year delay, makes it the fifty-fifth year.

Before the event students dedicated a lot of time to preparing their stomps and skits based on their assigned themes. This year’s movie themes were: Seniors–Grease, Juniors–Teen Beach Movie, Sophomores–High School Musical, Freshmen–Mary Poppins.

The event opened with each class’s stomp. After the stomp, speeches were said, then games began. Classes went head to head in various activities such as crab soccer, relays, jump rope, tug-of-war, arm wrestling, and more. To wrap up the night each class performed a skit based on their class theme.

Seniors won first place, juniors came in second, freshmen rounded out the top three, and sophomores placed fourth.  The event was a success and was very much needed to bring the DC community together once again.