Escape into the world of Marvel’s Moon Knight


Marvels Moon Knight streaming on Disney+

Hudson Williams, Editor

The first episode of Marvel’s new Disney+ series Moon Knight was released on March 30th, and the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So far, four episodes have aired, and the show will consist of six episodes. The plot of the series surrounds the main character Steven Grant. The premise of the story is that Grant has an alter ego, Marc Specter, who takes over and gets into trouble (actor Oscar Issac plays both parts).

Specter and Grant can communicate through mirrors or anything that allows you to see your reflection. This way they can switch who controls the body. Through their communication, there is an understanding that Grant must protect the Golden Scarab. Specter hasn’t told Grant why the Scarab is important, but Grant knows he must keep it safe.

Along the way, Grant encounters many beasts such as the Egyptian Jakal which no one else can see it but Moon Knight (Steven Grant/Marc Specter). Moon Knight’s powers are displayed in episode three when Grant summons the suit. This shows that Moon Knight has super strength. His other powers are revealed in later episodes. The story is made even more interesting because Specter has a wife who follows them on their adventures. She is often confused by these multiple personalities.

If you need a break from homework and want to escape into a different world, then check out Moon Knight.