Art showcase honors creative Cougars


Meriem Abbas’s butterfly and flower painting

Grace Underwood, Editor-in-chief

The DC Roar has an ongoing, open call for artwork. Students can submit anything from a painting to a poem. Interested in having your work published? Please click here.

Open the gallery below to view the artwork. Some, but not all, of the work in this showcase includes pieces that were inspired by the topic of dreams.  As we receive more submissions, we will upload them to this digital gallery.

Submission 1: “Untitled”

This piece is by freshman Meriem Abbas, and beautifully depicts a butterfly in nature. Meriem says that her piece was not created in relation to the “dream” prompt, but rather she was simply inspired one day to draw. She started her piece last semester in Mrs. Favro’s class and it took her five days to complete. The painting is not dedicated to anyone.

Submission 2: “Untitled”

This piece, depicting a gruesome and terrifying demon wearing a smiling mask and decorated in gold accessories, is by junior Kira Clark. Kira describes her piece as being “that one demon in our dreams”. This one represents greed specifically from its gold additions. The human head that the demon clutches in its hand, she explains, is a representation of us suffering the consequences of our actions. Kira created her piece in Ms. Dunn’s beginning ceramics class and took about a week to sculpt, then about another week to glaze and fire. This piece is not dedicated to anyone.