Running to championships


Noel Hannan, Editor

Pictured are posters for Del Campo’s seniors on the track team. A special ceremony was put on to celebrate the hard work the seniors did this season. Junior, Adam Henderson who is also on the track team, says this about the seniors, “They did very good, especially our throwers, alters, sprinters, the 4x400m team, and distant runners too. Seniors did very well this season.” Congratulations on all the effort the seniors have put into this season.

On April 21st and 28th, our track team competed in two league meets. The results of these two league meets determined how each school qualified for championships. Del Campo’s track team performed admirably in the league meets, rain or shine.

A tribute for the track team’s seniors was held at the second league competition. The team recognized each senior for their contributions to the team.

The championship, the year’s last meet as a team, was held at Vista Del Lago High School on May 5th. Del Campo excelled in both solo and team competitions. Some people were even eligible for sectionals. Here is some further insight about the season from Coach Baeder: 

Individual Varsity Girls that qualified to move to sections are Jordan Rizzi, Karina Villafana, Kyla Thomas, Jasmine Isidoro for the 4×100,  Jasmine is also going for the 400m and Kyla for the 200m, Nyla Baker is going for both Shot Put and Discus, and Freshman Kiyah Salers is moving on in high jump, long jump and the 400m.

Individual Varsity Boys that qualified to move to sections are Nas Jones, Dante Schutz, Leo Krug, and Elias Baeder for the 4×100 and the 4x400m relays, Leo qualified in the 400m as well, Dakota Settles Qualified to move on in the Discus, Everett Baeder is moving on for Hurdles, Triple Jump, and Pole Vault, Alaric Holly and Israel Welty will also be competing in Pole Vault. Elias also qualified in the 400m and the 200m for a total of 4 events as a section competitor.

Congratulations to the seniors for their devotion and hard work, as well as everyone else’s efforts this season. 

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