Celebrate Latino culture with Latinos Unidos

Celebrate Latino culture with Latinos Unidos

Santos Alba, Staff Writer

Latinos Unidos meets every Tuesday at lunch in room 3. It is an event-based club that allows people to come together and celebrate Latino/Hispanic culture. Some of the events include bread sales (pan dulce), a Dia de Los Muertos celebration, potlucks, birthday celebrations, and fundraisers. These events help bring awareness to the culture, which is the main goal of the club. In addition, the club prides itself in being a safe space for all people.

Club President Andrea Cornejo, and Vice Presidents Brittany Casillas and Yadira Garcia would like people to know that the club is not just for Latinos and that its main purpose is to educate people about different cultures. These leaders feel the club is important because there is a lack of diversity at our school and Latino culture often goes overlooked.

“The club is important. It gives me a space where I can relate to people. I like people to see the beauty in my culture and I want people to know that the club is very fun.” says Casillas.

“Latinos Unidos plans on continuing to offer opportunities for students to learn, embrace and expand their knowledge of the Hispanic culture. In order to embrace and celebrate our culture, we put on several events”. shared club adviser, Mrs. Hinzman.

Next Friday, September 23, the club will hold its first event, a Culture Fest. It will take place outside of the science building during lunch.

Club representatives discuss activities for the upcoming Culture Fest on September 23rd. Photo by Mason Muellner