Review of The Last of Us part one

Review of The Last of Us part one

Jase Symons, Staff Writer and Photographer

The Last of Us, is an Action-Adventure game that was released on June 14th, 2013, and created by Naughty Dog (published By Sony entertainment). The game is set in 2033 and features the protagonists, Joel Miller and Ellie Williams.

Throughout the game, Joel and Ellie encounter many challenges. These challenges might be zombies, other humans, and even struggles with their relationship as guardian and child. Elie is a 14-year-old girl who is immune to becoming a zombie and Joel, Ellie’s new caretaker, has the duty to take Ellie across the US to get her to the Fireflies, a revolutionary militia group who is trying to find a cure for this zombie apocalypse.

 The storyline alone sets this game apart from many others, both the script and the graphics make this game the most realistic in the zombie apocalypse genre. The scriptwriter creates realistic banter, as well as serious discussion, between the protagonists. This writing feels so natural and real as if these characters aren’t on a screen but living and breathing. This dialogue shows how the characters’ relationships are growing and changing.

Along with the amazing script comes the fantastic graphics that make the game extremely realistic. The scenery includes buildings that are torn apart and sometimes boarded off, plants that grew over the walls of houses and creep inside, and a lot of cars that are broken down and torn apart for their parts. These small details have a strong impact, and players don’t even realize it. They show what happened over the course of 20 years of a Zombie apocalypse. These houses and cars that were used every day are not habitable anymore. The characters themselves are designed with distinct personalities. For example, their clothing changes with the seasons. Also, Ellie collects charms throughout the game and attaches them to her backpack

This game makes a comment about human nature. It indicates that the zombies aren’t always the “enemies” but the humans are. These characters have to adapt to survive through this apocalyptic world, and not everyone can handle it. The humans are trying to survive, but to survive can mean hurting others and taking things from them, while these zombies have no control over themselves, they are just mindless beings that only attack these seemingly hostile humans.

The characters are made very human. Some are terrified of the zombies while others aren’t bothered by them. It also shows how they grow and change mentally. The graphics, the gameplay, and the music compiled together just fit together flawlessly. There are not any dull moments and there is always something to keep you on the edge of your seat.

This game isn’t very hard to beat, but lasts for a duration of time. Which is quite enjoyable and entertaining. There is a second game, “The Last of Us, Part II” that came out June 19th, 2022. It still consists of a zombie apocalypse, however the plot line is different and contains different characters.

The Last Of Us deserves 5 out of 5 stars because of the well-structured plot and strong character development, as well as the authentic graphics. Overall The Last Of Us is an amazing game that would be recommended to those who enjoy adventure and action video games.