Diving deep into Del Campo Water Polo season

Diving deep into Del Campo Water Polo season

Many students around campus are adamant about going to football, basketball, and even volleyball games, but a sport that many students don’t know much about is water polo. At Del Campo, we have a total of three water polo teams, varsity girls, varsity boys, and junior varsity girls. Below is some information about each team.

Varsity Boys

The Boys Varsity Water Polo team has faced struggles this season. They lost of few players including two-year veteran John Delutri, an experienced set D position player. The boys have also faced some other challenging setbacks including the rescheduling of six games due to the heatwave. In addition, the very recent loss of our senior night game against West Park High School was discouraging.

Photo by Gabriel Micka

Although things seem pretty bleak, the team is determined a game this year. They will keep their heads up and minds open.

“With our next game being against El Camino we see an opportunity to win. As long as we stay on our man and call for the ball we’ll do just fine.” said Logan Gentry

By: Gabriel Micka

Junior Varsity Girls

Girls JV this year has a lot of freshmen players, with only three out of the eleven players being sophomores. 

“Water polo can be hard at times, but with determination and perseverance, it can really be a lot of fun,” stated Freshman Julia Rhodes. 

Freshman Katelynn Zinnel responded that “Water polo is fun and really underrated. It’s also harder than a lot of people think, but I love it.”

Photo by Coach Pierce

All of the girls have been really happy with how the season is going, despite missing a few teammates due to injuries and grades. When asked how it feels to be back in water polo after last season ended, sophomore Charlotte Hubbard said she’s, “really happy to be playing again.”

This team has grown a lot and is starting to get the hang of this tough sport. They are communicating during games, being more confident making shots, acting more aggressive, and overall doing so much better than when they started. Four of the JV girls, Freshmen Julia Rhodes, Katelynn Zinnel, Olivia Gladdis, and Katie Stecca were even moved up to varsity and play for both teams.

By: Tristyn Scott

Varsity Girls 

Last year the Varsity girls team swam through playoff games and secured a spot in sections. Unfortunately, they lost up to 10 seniors after graduation, including starters like Tatum Auble, Paige Krenecki, Jordan Rizzi, and Audrey Takanikos. Abby McColl, one of four Varsity captains says “Although we let go of many great player’s, I think the team has really grown. I mean we could for sure work on our passing but we are taking the steps to still be a good team.”

Water Polo Mom

“I believe that Water Polo gets less support because it isn’t the most frequently played sport and it doesn’t truly get the recognition it deserves,” said one of the girls Varsity captains, Jordan Bickel. “But look at all the hard work we did to get to sections and hopefully we can do that again this year.”

By: Taylor Stokes