Coping with pressure


Leen Alghabra , Staff Writer

Everyone in this life faces challenges and goes through hard times. Difficult times make people stressed, overwhelmed, and put them in a negative space. These negative feelings and pressure may make people feel that they are alone and be more isolated. But everyone has a different way to deal with the pressure. It doesn’t matter what way people deal with pressure, what matters is that the person moves forward and does not let this pressure discourage them or make them resort to unhealthy ways that harm their mental and physical health to deal with it. 

There are many things’ people can do to improve to cope with pressure or at least not to do things that damage them.  Here are some ways to help cope with pressure:

1- Believe in yourself:  Most of the pressure happens because people don’t believe in their abilities. Try always to trust yourself and to have good self-esteem. 

2- Get help from others: It’s ok sometimes to ask for help from your close friends or your family members, or anyone you trust. People should not be shy or afraid to reach out because everybody needs help at some point of their life. 

3- Surround yourself with positive people: When you surround yourself with positive people, it makes it easier for you to deal with pressure because they have a good effect on your psyche. When people around you are negative, it makes it harder for you and keeps your brain focused on the negative.

4- Take time to rest: Taking rest is very important. At this time people can do anything to make themself feel happy or more comfortable, even if it is just taking a nap, going outside and taking fresh air, or spending time with people they like. 

5- Take care of your mental and physical health: Eat healthy food, do exercise, get enough sleep and take a break when you need to. Try new things and new activities, avoid things that harm your body just like alcohol, drugs, and smoking. All of these things help with pressure and get you to move on faster. 

6- Try to know what makes you stressed: If you know what triggers your stress, that helps you avoid these things. It is hard to avoid stressful situations if you don’t know what makes you stressed.

Here are some videos to help cope with pressure:

Music can help with relaxation. Click here and here to listen to some chill music. cute songs to help you cope with anxiety & stress – YouTube

Practicing breathing exercises can also bring peace and calmness. Click here for a short guided breathing exercise.