Hip Hop Club develops dance skills and community


Jada Cannon, Staff Writer

Captain, Jackiyah Colbert(11) gives instruction on the dance that they club will perform at the Homecoming Rally on October 21st.
Diamond Maradiaga (9) shows off her sass while doing a run through of their routine.
Blanca Gomez(10), Natalie Deleal (12), Shyann Rogers (9), cherish (9), Jayanna Mancilla-Sanchez (9) Jackaiyah Colbert(captain)(11), Saphire Golden (10) Calvin(11) Diamond Maradiaga (9) Jada Cannon (11) Daniel Apiado(11) Not pictured: Pearl Maradiaga (9) Kaylee Bird (12) Jacob Puryear (12) Faith Mauricio (10)

The Del Campo Hip Hop Club is a diverse club filled with people who love to dance. They practice hard after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Mrs. Timmons has been the club’s adviser for the past six years and shares her history with the club. Hip Hop Club existed before me, but hadn’t in a while because there wasn’t interest or teachers to advise. One of my former AVID students, Emily Wood asked me to help out and advise, because they couldn’t exist without a teacher. I agreed to help, but only if they promised that I’d never actually have to dance. The kids do everything, from choreography to music to rehearsal schedules. I am honestly not much more than a name on a paper that allows the club to be around. I’ll continue to stay on as long as they need me and there’s still students interested in dancing.”

Club captain Jackaiyah Colbert says the club is, “my favorite thing at the school. It’s something I enjoy doing and it’s a easy way to make friends and have fun with people that like something you do. I’m someone who loves to help others and why not help people who maybe can’t dance or have people learn something new. I feel [learning something new] is a journey everyone should try or go through.”

Another team member Diamond says “I like dance because it’s really fun and you can connect with more people than you think. Jada was one of the first people I connected with because she’s fun and energetic and ALWAYS has food!!! But I don’t just love it because of that. Jackaiyah is a really good instructor if you need help with any dance and I can always count on her when I need help.”

If you are interested in learning to dance, or already have some dance skills, come check out the Hip Hop Club in room 82

Make sure to cheer on the dancers as they make their debut at the Homecoming Rally on October 21st.