Varsity Baseball celebrates!

Photo by Gracie Trotti

Photo by Gracie Trotti

Selika Kelly, Staff Writer

On October 5th, 2022 a ceremony was held in front of the science building. This ceremony was held because last year’s varsity baseball team won the Division 3 Sections. Graduated and returning players all came together and received their rings for their win. This was Coach Dawidiczik’s second section win, his first was in 2018. Below are some thoughts from players who graduated, and those who returned to Del Campo this year. Including Thomas Martinez and Jordan Jacobson, who graduated in 2022 and class of 2023 players Matt Moses, Robbie Perry, Ryan Durkee.

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Returning Players

Besides winning, what does this ring mean to you? 

“It symbolizes a good bond and a good community” – Matt Moses

“It means something that we worked for all year, something that we started from day one and we finished”. -Robbie Perry

“It feels like a short reward for all the hard work we did”. -Ryan Durkee

Senior Ryan Durkee receives his ring from a proud Coach Dawidczik. Photo by Gracie Trotti

How does it feel to have last year’s team together? 

“Definitely feels good, I mean this was a big family, and it’s nice to have everyone back” -Robbie Perry

“This was a seasonal thing, it started in the fall. I had to earn everyone’s trust and hit off with them”-Ryan Durkee

What do you think you need to do to repeat last year’s success?

“Basically do what we did last year, have solid pitching” -Matt Moses

“I could say the determination, remember what works and just do that again. Practice as much as it takes and even after practice stay and do the extra work” -Robbie Perry

“I think keep working hard and just remember that we can do it again, we have another year. Not to be satisfying by one championship”. -Ryan Durkee


Graduated Players

Besides winning, what does this ring mean to you?

“Basically everything, ever since I came to this school. Since I was a freshman, I have wanted

to win a section championship and just to do that was crazy, unbelievable.” -Thomas Martinez

How does it feel to have last year’s team together?

Luke Macord graduated in 2022 but returned to receive his ring from Coach Dawidczik. Photo by Gracie Traotti

“It feels good to reconnect and to see old friends, I’m happy to be here” -Jordan Jacobson

“It feels good because I have a lot of good memories with everybody and yeah I just miss everybody” -Thomas Martinez

What’s one thing you took from DC baseball that will help you in the future?

“Aspect of self-accountability and being a better person and a better athlete. That’s what coach was all about”. -Jordan Jacobson

“Probably never give up, or never lose hope I would say”. -Thomas Martinez