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Cougars destroy Broncos in staff charity basketball game


Coach D running down the sideline after making a fastbreak layup.

Madison Taylor , Section Editor

On October 27, Del Campo held a staff basketball game against Bella Vista Staff. The game was a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and National Institute of Drug Awareness. Our Del Campo staff destroyed Bella Vista staff with a devastating 66 to 24-point win.

The staff athletes included: Mr. Robles(boy’s soccer), Mrs. Viccihio(girl’s volleyball), Mr. Dimino, Mr. Guillen, Ms. Sadler, Mr, Eidem, Mr. Chilcutt, Mr. DelloRusso, Mr. and Mrs. Baeder(cross country and track and field, Coach Dawidczik(baseball), Mr. Pallen, Mr. Kikau, and Principle Snyder.

Before the game, the team had some early morning practices but due to busy schedules most just showed up for the game. “The only practice I really got was when Snyder pulled me aside that day of the game,” says Mr. Kikau. “[He] asked to run through some plays on the whiteboard with him.” Coach Snyder made two lineups to have three males and two females on the court, and sub in and out every four minutes. They came up with plays for offense and defense but decided to play mostly man-on-man for defense. “There was no decision-making,” Mr. Baeder jokes. “Snyder told us where to go. We did it.”

1st quarter

The game started off strong for the Cougars. Del Camp won tip-off, leading to an immediate layup, and started an eight-point run. The energy kept up with two steals within the first 10 minutes of the game. Kikau, number 31, got a technical foul. The 1st quarter ended 20 to 7.

2nd quarter

With everyone fully warmed up, the game really got going. DC turned up the heat and within 8 minutes the score was 34 to 13. Coach D stood out as a point guard and the team had multiple fastbreaks. The standout moment of the night happened in the 2nd quarter. Coach D scored on a fast break, ran down the line to give high-fives, and slapped the floor before playing


“So we saw Coach D going nuts,” comments Mr. Bader. “He just started

Coach D running down the sideline after making a fastbreak layup.

shooting the ball like a madman.”

Another highlight in this quarter happened when Chilcutt (number 34, the tall one) got his first dunk of the night. The crowd also showed their love for our principal by shouting “We want Snyder!”

3rd quarter

The game became rougher in the third quarter. The first and only jump ball happened and brought Vicchio to center court. Vicchio also got one steal and two blocks in this quarter. While the Cougars did have a 6-point run in the middle, both teams struggled to make layups. The quarter ended 43 to 24.

4th quarter

By the 4th quarter, everyone was tired. But DC pulled through, holding BV at 24 and increasing their lead for another 20 points. The game ended 66 to 24 with a Del Campo shutout.