Cougars welcome visiting eighth grade classes

Grace Underwood, Editor

On November 8th and the 9th, Del Campo was the location of a field trip for students from nearby middle schools. The students arrived at Del Campo at 10:30 AM and stayed until 12:00 PM. During their visit, they were taken to various classrooms and given the opportunity to see what goes on in a high school classroom. This was the first time for many of the middle school students were on a high school campus. They were given a very warm welcome accompanied by the cheerleaders, the band, and our very own Cougar mascot!

Del Campo students Olivia Gladdis, Maddy Marsh, Jamisyn Lockard, and an anonymous cougar mascot stand by the front gates waiting to welcome the 7th and 8th graders for Visitation Day. Photo by Grace Underwood.

Mr. Shahbazian, an English and Yearbook teacher at Del Campo, hosted many of the 8th grade classes during their visit. He gave his view of how he believed the students felt during their time on campus. “My students loved the visits because it meant slightly less work from them throughout the day due to the interruptions. We also had one student, Kiyah Salers, hold up funny signs from time to time so we all got a good laugh out of that.”

“I think the visits are good just for incoming students to get a “feel” for what high school may look like or feel like. Especially if they see classrooms where students are engaged or excited to be there” Said Mr. Shahbazian.

Del Campo looks forward to having these new Cougars join us as freshmen in Fall 2023!