Sports-a-Rama: what is it?

The senior class practicing their skit. Chase McGough as Capitan Jack Spaero and Agi as Elizabeth.

Madison Taylor

The senior class practicing their skit. Chase McGough as Capitan Jack Sparrow. Photo by Madison Taylor.

The long-awaited Sports-a-Rama (SAR) is here! For the second time after the pandemic, everyone is eager to come back bigger and better than last year. Student government started planning this event around mid-January, which included class voting on the class Instagram pages. 

The seniors practicing caterpillar. Photo by Madison Taylor

SAR is filled with team and individual games and events where each class competes for points. There are also a few games that the whole class plays, like crab soccer and caterpillar. The main events that everyone looks forward to are the stomp and the skit. Students practice almost every day for two weeks to prepare for their presentations. Most of the class’s points will come from the skit and stomp, as well as the team uniform, bleacher poster, and ticket sales. 

This will be the seniors’, juniors’, and sophomores’ second time participating in SAR and the freshmen class’ first time. With the lack of experience displayed last year, everyone was in awe of the graduating class of 2022. With the classes almost equal experience, the final outcome is yet to be determined. 


The senior’s theme this year is pirates of the Caribbean. The last time a class did Pirates of the Caribbean was in 2018. This year’s stomp is choreographed by Jordan Bickell and Maya Poust. Taylor Stokes choreographed the skit. 

“The first movie is what the thing [skit] is based on,” says Jordan Bickell. “We wanted to focus not on Will and Elizabeth’s love story, but more stuff like fighting.”

Both the stomp and the skit have their own fight scene. The skit’s fight scene is highly anticipated. When asked to describe the stomp Jordan said it is “upbeat and energetic.”

Senior, Taylor Stokes, instructing the senior class about their skit. Photo by Madison Taylor.


The junior theme is ‘Hercules.’ After being “zero” last year, they hope to be the “heroes” this year. 

“We want to be better than last year,” Emily Taylor, a choreographer for the juniors, comments.

“We focused a lot on [the muses’] choreography a lot so that they would stand out,” says Eva Zuniga, another choreographer. “We made them the main focus of our skit.” 

Despite a promising skit, the stomp is the most anticipated for the juniors. After watching last year’s graduating seniors, the juniors found inspiration. It’s also rumored that they are the most in sync out of all the classes. When asked to describe their skit and stomp they said: “take you to church, zero to hero!”

Eva Zuniga and the junior class preparing to practice their skit. Photo by Madison Taylor.


The sophomores have ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The Sophomores will be the first class to have all four years of SAR since the class of 2019 graduated. That also means they have the same amount of experience as the juniors and the seniors, giving them a big advantage.

“Go big or go home,” says Maddy McGough. “I wanted our skit and stomp to be a little more advanced than last year. 

We can look forward to the show of athleticism of the sophomores through their individual and team events. Last year, the class of 2025 beat the class of 2024 because of their domination in events,  even though they were freshmen at the time. 

To describe their stomp and skit in one word, which is also fitting with last year’s win against the juniors: spotlight.

The sophomore class going over their stomp. Photo by Madison Taylor.


The Freshmen have ‘Lilo and Stitch,’ the last time someone used the beloved story was also in 2018. 

“We wanted something fun and light-hearted,” Julia Rhodes, first-time choreographer for SAR. “We wanted something fun and easy to learn.” 

We can’t expect much from this class, as this is their first SAR. There is nowhere for them to go but up!

Freshmen hanging out with friends while on break. Photo by Madison Taylor.