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Despite setbacks JV Girls Soccer finishes strong

The Del Campo girls JV soccer team had a great 23/24 season showing off their excellent skills securing an outstanding record of 15 wins, 6 losses and 3 ties. A key factor contributing to the team’s success was their goal scoring ability, with a total of 108 goals scored across 24 matches.  This not only outlines the offensive strength but also their teamwork and strategic skills across the field.

 Team captains Donna Torres, Jennah Powell and Alex Topping helped lead their team towards many wins. Although there were many tough games, the team  never gave up and pushed themselves to get through the game. 

“Our hardest game was Rio Americano because they are one of the best teams but we worked as a team to get through it and as a captain I helped motivate my team throughout the game by giving them words of encouragement” said Torres.

Although there were many setbacks during the season, “A lot of girls were injured, meaning we had to find new people to play their position and everyone was moved around setting things off” said Powell, 

The girls stayed positive by keeping good teamwork and sportsmanship, leading the team to a far point. 

“Our sportsmanship and teamwork was one of the best things about our team. All of the girls were so supportive as well as every practice being fun and filled with energy.” said Topping.

“We communicated well with each other and stayed as positive as possible by giving each other compliments, such as not to give up and you got this.” said Torres. 

Not only were the players encouraging each other but the coaches kept them motivated as well. 

Powell stated, “My coach was always supportive and when I made a mistake he just said it’s okay, you’ll get the next one.” 

In addition to winning a lot of games, these student athletes had to balance school work with late practices and games. They managed to stay on track by prioritizing school work, using DCAAEL and free time in classes to finish work. 

Topping says, “I used free time during classes to keep up with studies due to late practices and games. I always kept up with my schoolwork because I knew I had to have good grades to be able to play.” 

The Del Campo JV girls soccer team displayed determination and academic commitment throughout the season. Their hard work and commitment paid off with a winning season.

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