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Softball team is 4-4 in the regular season


The 2024 Varsity Del Campo Softball team is wrapping up their season. They worked hard and it paid off in the regular season where they have a 4-3 record so far. They still have a few games remaining in the season. Come out and support the varsity softball team at their last home game on May 7, against El Camino at 4:15 PM.

The DC Roar interviewed the coach, Alana Isais, about the season and her experience as a coach and player.

How was your experience playing softball?And at what level of softball did you play?

 My experience playing softball was amazing! I’ve played from the age of 6 all the way into college.”

 What is your inspiration for coaching softball?

  My inspiration for coaching softball is my dad. He has always been a great coach and has shown me how to find patience in the sport. I also have always had great coaches that made the game a lot more fun so I want to bring that energy into the game for up coming softball players.”

 What is the team doing to improve after each game?

 After each game we talk as a team. I tell the girls what I saw during the games and I also ask them what they saw during the game. If it’s good or bad we go over it so everyone is on the same page and we can fix things or keeps things the same as needed.”

You played softball at Del Campo, how would you say the culture has changed in the program from when you played to what it is now?

When I played softball at Del campo the culture was softball 24/7. The softball program now has lost its love for the game. Part of that I believe is due to COVID-19. It made a huge impact on the student because the first few years of these girls high school careers they weren’t really able to give their all. Now that things are starting to get back to the way they were before COVID-19 I can see things starting to shift. Another reason things were different when I went to Del campo were because we had the same coach all the years we played together and she had the same set of rules/expectations every year so it was a lot easier for the team and the coaches to build chemistry.”

What has been your biggest challenge taking over as head coach?

My biggest challenge taking over the head coaching position would have to be coaching while also learning. With this being my first year ever coaching, I as a coach have a ton of learning and adjusting to do. So, while I have played the game my whole life and know many aspects of the game it’s a huge shift trying to convey my thoughts and ways of playing to the team.”

What is the team’s goal this year?

“ A huge goal I have been instilling in the team this year is to play with a purpose. Meaning, play for the person next to and do everything to the best of your abilities. Don’t do anything 50%, do everything 100%.”






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